Restoring Antiques Together

Couples today have found that value is not always pretty when they first see it, but those with determination to bring the past back to life often find they enjoy restoring antiques together. They might begin doing it because they are short on funds to purchase new pieces, or they might have seen a show where an expert has taken a rundown piece of furniture and remade it into something new and beautiful. If the couple is willing to invest the time to learn the necessary skills, they might just find the hobby they enjoy can help them create an oasis of beauty in their own home.

Stripping Down

Many times antique furniture has been painted by people with little time or energy to restore it properly, so stripping down a piece could be the first step. A couple might spend hours online searching for the best way to get rid of the ugly paint on their piece, and they can discuss their options after they log off. It is a way for them to figure out how to get what they want, but they are also sharing their own ideas and opinions on a project. It can be a good way for the two of them to spend quality time appreciating each other in a new way.

Replacement Parts

Knobs and drawer pulls on antique dressers or armoires are often missing, or they might have been replaced over the years. If a couple has found they want their period pieces to look like originals, they will have to invest some time learning what was available when the piece was first constructed. They could spend hours together searching through small shops to find the right hardware for their project, or they could find a picture and have their own pieces made in a specialty shop. The hunt might be just what they two of them need to get out of the house for a few enjoyable hours together.

The Finished Project

It might take weeks or months before the couple feels they are done restoring their antique, but it will be worthwhile when they invite friends and family over to view their latest project. It might call for a small gathering, or they could throw a big party. Being able to share their teamwork will have them glowing as they point out the places where the piece needed the most work. They can enjoy the accolades of their loved ones, and their happiness with each other will float through their home as they share their feelings of accomplishment.

Restoring antique pieces can be a difficult process, but couples often find it is a good way for them to relax together. While much of the work deals with critical decisions and research, some of it will also be enjoyable as they get out of the house together. Hunting for the pieces they need could be a good excuse to spend quality time on their own, and they can share their work with others once they have managed to complete their project.